Repair & Maintenance

Wheel Alignment Checker

The four-wheel alignment tester measure vehicle’s caster, camber and toe by optical meter.

Vehicle wheel alignment could be accurately checked and adjusted to manufacturer specification.

Manufacturer Diagnostic Checker

Use of the manufacturer diagnostic checker is essential for service and diagnosis. The checker could conduct engine, transmission, ABS, electrical and other main systems checking.

Providing the best and most accurate system inspection, reducing diagnostic time to locate root cause of the control system problem.

Exhaust Gas Analysis

The analysiser measures the carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the exhaust gas.

With the help of Exhaust Gas Analysis, engine could be tuned to the best operating condition which would ensuring efficiency of the engine performance and fuel consumption.

Brake Tester

To perform brake performance test on different types of vehicles, including two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

Enhance diagnosis of the braking system in a more efficient and effective way.

Confirmation of braking efficiency meets with required safety standard.

Frame Alignment Machine

Use the latest straightening technology to properly repair vehicle chassis after collision.

Vehicle chassis could be recondition to its original shape to fulfill factory specifications.

Ozone For A/C Cleaning and Disinfection

Release ozone to breakdown all the contaminants inside the cabin.

Destroy most of toxic fumes, bacteria, odor and breaking them into water, carbon dioxide and free oxygen.

Fuel Consumption Meter

Measuring the vehicle instant and average fuel consumption in km per liter in actual vehicle running condition.

Eliminate any perception on fuel consumption as affected by various road conditions and driving style.

Nitrogen Gas Dispenser for Tire

Maintain stable tire pressure despite temperature changes due to long distance or high speed driving.

Better condition for tire, which increase tire life, smoother driving, reduces fuel consumption and lower risk of broken tire accident.







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